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PiVerb Test Series


What do we focus on? What sets PiVerb apart from others?

PiVerb offers an online math course for students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX focusing on intuitive learning.

In this video, we talk about PiVerb's specific focus area and how PiVerb is different from Khan Academy, Byjus, Abacus, Kumon, Hey Math and others.

Math @ PiVerb

  • Why Math?

    Math is the best tool-kit available for building analytical skills and logical reasoning. As Dr. Robert Lewis points out, good math teaching can inspire a love for truth and beauty in the heart.

  • Why Math at PiVerb?

    "Mathematics and its logical underpinnings are unquestionably the best exercise of the mind.", says David R Garcia. PiVerb agrees. Our course is built precisely to do this exercise the right way.

Intuition and Rigour

Teaching intuition is tough, so the system has taken the route to reinforcing mechanics. Kids solve gazillion questions without learning why the formulae work. To put differently, intuition has been replaced with 'in Tuition'; processes get drilled in, fundamentals get short shrift. Students start with pre-rigorous ideas which are informal and example-based, we should solidify this into good intuition. Watch the video adjacent to get an idea of the stages of math learning.To get a sense of how, we at PiVerb build intuition, sample the freely available content.

What is the route to building intuition?

  • Non-linearity

    Finding place value of 4 in 7432 is straightforward. Instead, ask kids to find the smallest 4-digit number, sum of whose digits is 12. This way, students figure out an idea, giving them a Eureka moment.

  • Logical reasoning

    If a number is a multiple of 3 and 4, will it be a multiple of 12? If a number is a multiple of 2 and 6, will it be a multiple of 12? Why or why not?

    Think why, not just how. First ponder and then solve.

  • Dwell on ideas

    If a * b < 0 and a + b > 0, which one will be greater, |a| or |b|? Whatever answer you get, establish it mathematically

Course Outline

Each week we will have 2 classes of one-hour each. ~18 classes per term, spread over 10 weeks, amounting to ~55 classes overall. 50% of the classes will end with a 15-minute test. There will be two one-hour tests each term.

Tests WILL stay away from benchmarking

Course Format

Course is completely online. Course is modular and each class is a mixture of slides, videos and quizzes. The classes and tests can be taken any time, anywhere and any number of times. The Course runs only on Google Chrome.

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We stay broadly in sync with the middle-school syllabus. We will teach very little that is not covered in school, but will teach each thing with a different approach. Course is designed to be tough but within the prescribed syllabus.

We will delve deeper, not peer ahead.




  • Any time

    You can access our site from anywhere at any time.

  • Any place

    Our online course enables portability. Learn on the go.

  • Your pace

    Learn at your own pace. No need to rush things up.

Our Team

Our Teachers

Rajesh Balasubramanian


Rajesh is an electrical engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Class of 2001. He completed his PGDM from IIM Bangalore in 2003.

Our Teachers

Saravana Baskar


Baskar is a Mechanical Engineer from College of Engineering, Guindy, Class of 1991. He completed his PGDM from IIM Calcutta in 1994.

Our Teachers

Ranjeetha Shivakumar


Ranjeetha is an engineer from SRM Engineering College. She completed her MBA from Great Lakes, Chennai in 2005.

Bharathwaj Udayakumar
B.E. & MBA (IIT Madras)

Bharathwaj is an MBA graduate from IIT Madras. He has worked in Research and Development in the Commercial Vehicle Brake industry for 4 years and has been in the Educational domain for the last 4 years. 

He is an excellent student mentor and teaches math for CAT/GMAT

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